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The project

Located on Geelong’s doorstep, Lovely banks will be a world-class development ideally located to support economic growth in regional Victoria. This ambitious project will comprise over 15,000 homes for 40,000 residents with associated community facilities. across 5 main neighbourhoods. Each of the five neighbourhoods will have defined edges and vibrant neighbourhood centres, designed to cater for all of the resident’s day to day needs. Boasting a unique sense of place, the neighbourhoods will put people first and lay a solid foundation for community. They will be compact, connected and mixed use, designed so that schools, shops and all other daily needs are within a ten-minute walk. These are neighbourhoods that will leave people feeling safe, happy, and at home.

Our involvement

Verve projects were engaged in 2019 to assist with the project management and civil engineering tasks required as part of the framework planning stage for the Lovely Banks development. Lovely Banks is a particularly innovative project taking a radical approach to street design where planning around large thriving trees is the focus. Verve Projects are providing experienced project management and engineering services with specific emphasis on key enabling infrastructure, and developing concepts and innovative servicing solutions to achieve these exciting outcomes.

The result

By re-evaluating how we build streets we can create happier, healthier, more beautiful communities where families can flourish for generations. Verve Projects are proud to be involved with such an iconic project with a great client and project team and to be contributing to such an important legacy. Our key areas of review have included the stormwater management plan, slope analysis, landscaping options and integrated water cycle management reviews. The project is now moving through the Precinct Structure Planning phase.


Love Banks Consortium

Lovely Banks

Areas of Expertise

Greenfield Land Development


Project Management 

Civil Engineering

Development Advisory


15000 homes, 750Ha

Commenced 2019

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