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Our Story

We facilitate urban development projects – from due diligence through to handover.

Verve Projects was established in response to the need for dedicated Project Management on the NewQuay development at Melbourne Docklands. Such a complex land development project required specialised management to be able to meet the tight design and approvals schedule, and lead and direct the many specialist consultants required to deliver the overall project objectives.


Verve Projects navigated some tricky roadblocks with the potential to hold up hundreds of millions of dollars in contracted sales and successfully delivered the Land Titles in time for settlement in 2002.

The success of the NewQuay Development lay the foundations for the growth of Verve Projects. Property owners and developers navigating the complexities in the planning process began to see the importance of appointing specialist project managers to be totally accountable for the project delivery.

20 years later we are proud to continue our services for MAB Corporation, and other long standing clients that have supported us over the years including GPC and Balcon Group.


A diversification of our services to include Civil Engineering for the land development market in 2015 gave us the opportunity to offer even more specialist services and streamline processes for our clients. This diversification not only strengthened our working relationships but gave us the opportunity to work with other great clients too.

For us, being a dependable project partner and having the skills and expertise to give the right advice to our clients are our highest priorities.

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Our Vision

To be recognised as a high-quality integrated consultant that is in demand by great clients

Our Values

Since 2001, Verve Projects has worked to develop a strong reputation for dependability, trusted advice and delivering exceptional results. 

​Our approach continues to this day based on a vision to be recognized as a high quality integrated consultant that is in demand by great clients. This is centered around our core values:


We strive to continually improve the way we do things and provide valuable insight to our clients.

Autonomy and Trust

We provide the best training and tools to our people and trust them to take ownership and excel.


We always ensure we understand the point of view of the people we work with to achieve the best project outcomes with the most satisfied clients.

Hard Work

We enjoy a good balance of working hard without stress and with a smile on our faces.

Building Relationships

We value the importance of developing and maintaining our relationships at work and in life.



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